Religious Property

CSD Real Estate Appraisers Case Study: Religious Property Valuation

November 8, 2019 3:30 pm Published by

The Case

We have recently given property advice to religious communities and churches across the UK as they face difficult decisions resulting from falling numbers in their communities. By registering for one of our valuation or estate planning advice services, they ensured peace of mind for their religious property.

Our highly experienced team of commercial real estate surveyors used their experience and expertise to guarantee they were making an informed decision. Based on a detailed snapshot of the property’s condition and value.

Religious Property

Valuations for Religious Property

For centuries churches and religious orders have run schools, hospitals, care homes as well as maintaining places of worship and contemplation. Over time, they have acquired and converted property to meet their needs. However, in order to meet new statutory and building regulations, many of these properties have become expensive to maintain or adapt.

It is for this reason that many religious houses are now assessing the best use of their property, which often involves disposing of underutilized parts or complete sale. However, their options are further complicated by the historical importance of many protected buildings. Of these ‘listed’ properties, an estimated 14,810 are religious. The Church of England remains the largest owner of Grade I & II* listed property in the UK but still sells an average of 20 Churches per year as congregations can no longer sustain their upkeep. As the funding gap between parish income and cost widens, religious congregations are expected to face more difficult decisions over the coming decade.

What’s more, as the work of Religious Orders and priorities in parishes change, their property requirements will also alter. In many cases, the cost liabilities of older property will force a decision, but there are also many cases where property sits in a valuable location and a sale may facilitate other objectives. For more information on our commercial valuations, click here.

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