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How to Maintain Commercial Property During the Autumn

November 13, 2020 4:00 pm Published by

As we move further into the Autumn months, you may be concerned about the cold, harsh weather and how it will potentially affect your commercial property.

Although regular property maintenance is key to retaining value and ensuring that your premises remain safe and clean, it is especially important if you want to avoid any costly defects in the future. Whilst there is a certain amount of natural deterioration that will occur with any property – there are several areas that are particularly prone to dilapidation.

Luckily, the team here at CSD – Real Estate Appraisers (or Commercial Surveyors Direct) have put together the following article to assist in keeping your property in excellent condition…

Roof and Guttering

As one of the most important elements of any property, the roof should always be a first port of call. The greater likelihood of wind and rain during the Autumn months will also mean that the building is more susceptible to potential leaks or holes.

You should make sure that any guttering is not being blocked by wet leaves or debris and reduce the potential risk of blockage. Other measure that you can take include:

  • Waterproofing the areas that are most at risk
  • Booking regular inspections by a qualified expert


Similarly, any exposed piping is also highly prone to leaks and should be checked regularly. Autumn also presents a great opportunity to look ahead and prepare for the colder weather to come.

To prevent the risk that your pipes will freeze up (and possibly burst) in the coming winter months, you should ensure that any exposed conduits are suitably insulated prior to this period.


In addition to these exterior elements, it is also important that any interior fixtures or installations are also effectively maintained.

These can include any kind of handle, light, window, or door present in the building. By regularly checking these items for potential wear and tear, you are not only improving the general standard of safety but you are also retaining the market value of the premises should you need to sell-up at any point.

Safety measures

Lastly, Autumn is also a great time to conduct the regular safety checks that help to guarantee any tenants are protected from an insured event.

You should make sure that all security cameras are working correctly, and the building is well-lit during both the day and night. In addition, it is always a good idea to make sure that any possible workstations remain safe and are clear of any hazards such as tripping. These are small things but can go a long way in protecting your investment.

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