1. Are all your surveyors employed or contracted?

Within the Group, we have a network of 60 surveyors, all regulated by RICS. They work from their home address, so are local to you.  We do have a small handful of consultants too, they generally support us for complex requests.

2. Why do I need a building survey?

Why do I need a building survey? You need a building survey before you purchase or lease a property. Or in the form of a schedule of condition limiting your repair liabilities under a lease.

3. Can I have a valuation added if I am having a building survey?

Yes you can, it would be a different survey undertaking the valuation inspection and will incur an additional fee – please call us for a quote.

4. When will I receive my report

You will receive your report within 10-14 working days.

5. Will I receive a phone call from the Surveyor before/after the survey?

Our surveyor will wish to speak to you concerning your survey and will contact you asap, the surveyor is also likely to want to speak to you before the survey has been carried out.

6. Can you give me advice on how much the cost of repairs will be?

Yes we can give you advice for "what the cost of repairs" will be, this can only be included within a Building Survey and there is an additional charge starting at £150.00 plus VAT.  Call us now on 0808 169 8881 for a chat.

7. When would a Building Survey be my best option?

It’s a good option if you are buying a property that’s over 80 years old or in a poor condition.  It can also be worthwhile if your planning to do significant work or have major concerns about a property.

8. Is the surveyor a RICS accredited surveyor?

Yes, all our surveyors are regulated by the RICS and Quality assured.

9. What will be inspected?

A surveyor will endeavour to inspect all elements that are readily accessible; however, this depends on the type of survey being conducted. For example, in a Valuation Survey, should a section of the roof not be readily visible, the surveyor may report that it couldn’t be viewed due to access restrictions. When undertaking a Building Survey on the other hand, the surveyor will endeavour to gain a view of this section of roof even if this means driving to an adjacent road to achieve this. Whilst surveyors do not undertake any destructive investigation, they will, where it is safe and practical, and with the owner’s consent, enter roof spaces, lift loose floor coverings, lift drain covers and use a surveyor’s ladder to access areas up to 10ft (3m) in height. Where possible, any access to locked garages/rooms will be undertaken if the keys have been provided.

10. Do you have Professional Indemnity insurance?

Yes we do and it covers up to £3 Million on a per claim basis.

11. What are the limitations of conducting a Valuation for a leasehold property?

There may be an impact on the valuation outcome, dependant on how many years are left on the lease.

12. Can you value a flat if it is part of a commercial premise i.e a flat above a pub?

Yes we can, all our surveyors are VRS certified and can value residential and commercial properties.

13. Do you check plumbing and electrics? What are the limitations?

Unfortunately we don't. If necessary, you will need to commission a suitably qualified plumber or electrician to do this work for you. 

14. Do you Inspect load-bearing walls in a property?

No, we do not undertake the close inspections or intrusive examinations that are necessary to provide an opinion on which walls are or are not load-bearing. Whilst we can offer an opinion based upon the layout and factors that are visually available, absolute confirmation can only be made with a closer inspection.

15. Can you value flats for re-instatement purposes?

We can provide this, but for guidance purposes only, if there is a change to the units within a large block.

16. Do you inspect the cesspit in a property?

We can only carry these out for a Building Survey.  We will endeavour to lift and look into chambers where safe and practical to do so, and comment on any obvious defects. However, this is a specialist area, with the performance of the respective system dependent on several factors, including ground porosity, size, and number of users. Therefore, we will provide advice on obtaining further specialist testing within the report.

17. Can you check for a Tree Preservation Order while conducting a survey?

No, we cannot undertake any checks with your local planning authority, which would be responsible for issuing a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Where possible, we will ask the vendor if they are aware of any TPOs.

18. Can you cross-reference the actual boundary of a property as per stated in the land registry plan?

Yes, we can do that. However, if any boundary issues are highlighted, we would be unable to take it any further, and the client would need to seek expert advice on what to do next.

19. Can I be there whilst the surveyor is out at the property?

It would be helpful to have the owner present at site so that any queries that arise on site can be addressed immediately.

20. Will someone let me know when the survey is booked?

Yes. You should receive a call from the booker letting you know that it is booked in.  In addition, they will email you with your terms and conditions confirming the date.

21. Do you arrange access to the property?

Yes.  We deal with the access and will call and arrange it all for you.

22. What are the cancellation terms, and will I get a refund?

If you have specifically ordered a survey to be provided or the Inspection you have booked takes place during the 14-day cooling off period you will not be entitled to a refund for service already provided to you or an Inspection which has taken place before the date of cancellation, even if the 14-day period has not expired.  Our cancellation policy is relevant within as well as outside the 14-day cooling off period and is:

a)  We will grant a 100% refund if the booking is cancelled within 5 full working days prior to the inspection taking place.

b)  If cancelled within less than 5 full working days before the inspection a refund of 75% will take place.

23. How can I pay for my Survey or Valuation?

You can pay for your survey or valuation by bank transfer or by credit/debit card.  You will be sent details in your Terms of Engagement.

24. Do you have a DPA policy?

Yes we do, when you give us the details of an instruction we will talk you through the following.

“As we will be holding your personal information in order to process this appointment for you, I have to let you know that we will not sell your information to anyone at any time. We may have to use personal information when managing a complaint via our legal team or when we must defer to our debt collection agency. Other than that, your information is secure with us, are you happy to proceed?”

“Great, in addition we may like to send you any offers we have, or interesting material to help you in your property journey, by email or phone. Can I confirm you would like to opt in?”

"Lastly, you can request your information used for Sales & Marketing is deleted at any time, just let us know in writing."