Acquisitions and Disposals

Acquisitions and Disposals

If you are buying or selling any form of commercial property, it is also likely that you will consult your commercial estate agent to get an idea of its potential market value. However, this may not always be the best course of action, as there is often a significant gap between the sale price and the asking price for any commercial premises.

Whether you are considering acquiring or disposing of property, we can assist with the transaction.


Under normal circumstances, there is little to no protection available to the purchaser. Although the Mortgage Valuation will provide a certain amount of comfort, it is ultimately being produced on behalf of the Bank or Building Society.

A formal valuation (appraisal) can help to provide a degree of confidence and composure during the transaction process. More specifically, our highly experienced surveyors can provide a true and impartial assessment on the potential market value of the Commercial property, as well as professional advice on the quality of the investment. This can even help you to avoid overpaying for a building that may contain several costly defects.


Similarly, if you are looking to sell an unusual or specialist commercial property that may already contain several significant defects, our surveyors can assist. As a result of their impartial nature, these experts can help to identify and summarize any complicated issues that may affect the sale. By quantifying their findings into monetary terms, they can also assist in making strategic decisions based on your personal circumstances.

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