Accounts and Financial Statements

Obtaining an up-to-date valuation of your business premises is an essential practice when building up a balance sheet (as well as other key financial statements).

For instance, maintaining a healthy balance sheet can greatly assist when you are looking to obtain finance.

Not to mention minimizing the risk of your company to ‘Assets Strippers’ – This term refers to a situation where parts of a business are sold off to raise funds. It is usually associated with businesses who failed to correctly manage their resources and/or finances.

Real Estate Appraisals

A valuation of property for accounts and/or a financial statement is a highly specialist area.

More specifically, it requires detailed liaison with the company directors and their accounts to work out which definition of value is appropriate in accordance with your reporting standards.

Business Appraisals

Alternatively, you will also require a commercial valuation if you are looking to sell/gift part of the business, obtain a financial loan or resolve an ongoing dispute with another business associate. Because lots of these buildings will have been designed for a very specific purpose, they will also be sold on the merits of their trading potential. It is for this reason that many of these assessments will also utilize the profits method of valuation.

Properties that will typically require this method include: Public Houses, Petrol Stations, Casinos, Theatres, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Nightclubs, Care Homes, Cinemas, and many other forms of leisure property.

To learn more about this method of valuation, simply read our blog post on the topic here.

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