A Career in Commercial Property – An Interview with a Senior Surveyor #2

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If you are considering a career as a commercial surveyor, or are simply unfamiliar with the profession, you may be wondering what kind of tasks are involved in the day-to-day lives of these property experts. As an independent party, a surveyor is tasked with providing unbiased and professional instructions on a broad range of property-related concerns. To assist with the details, we decided to speak with another one of our Senior Surveyors here at Commercial Surveyors Direct.

How did you become a commercial surveyor?

I became a commercial surveyor by undertaking a University course in Estate Management followed by a number of years training before joining the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Valuation is a significant part of the training requirement and after I qualified I remained in a valuation role. I had very little experience in the agency side of surveying in those early years although that was what I had expected that I had expected to be involved with when I started at University. Sometimes a career takes you in a certain way.

What made you interested in commercial surveying as a career?

My initial interest in surveying came from a family friend who seemed to have a wonderfully interesting job, he seemed just to talk to people. The University course and my early jobs showed me that surveying was a diverse place with a variety of jobs each requiring different skills sets and personal attributes.

What is involved during a typical day?

A typical day involves a lot of research, administration, report writing and report checking. There are elements at studying plans, undertaking calculation and collaboration with colleagues, customers and clients. A relatively small amount of time is looking at property.

What is rewarding about the job?

There are lots of rewarding aspects of the job: from gaining knowledge and expertise, building relationships with colleagues and clients and informing decision makers.

What is challenging?

Any situation that is challenging is when expectation exceeds reality, so setting achievable expectations is fundament in this respect, whether that is other peoples expectations or your own. We all have a circle of influence, there are many things that we can and cannot change. Providing the best information and knowledge on any given project can be dependant on many factors. One of the most disappointing aspects of any situation is when you know that whatever you say your input is going to be ignored.

What ways can a commercial surveyor develop their career?

Experience and insight are invaluable aspects of any surveyors development. Constant learning is vital.

What is something that not many people would know about commercial surveying?

I feel that in a world of packaged services, many people forget that when you employ a surveyor you are utilizing one persons opinion. That opinion may be universally shared or commonly shared but it is a personal opinion. Therefore when selecting a surveyor you want some reassurance that they are knowledgeable and experienced in order to advise and conversely the surveyor needs to be confident that they are offering valuable information to the client.

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