Finding the Perfect Commercial Premises

A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Commercial Premises

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One of the most daunting tasks for any business owner is the initial search for a suitable commercial property. This can be a complicated and stressful process for many people, regardless of their experience of buying/selling property. Not to mention the fact that it is also one of the most important stages in any purchase, it can be easy to neglect several key platforms that can make the whole procedure easier and more efficient. That is why the team here at CSD – Real Estate Appraisers have put together the following blog post to detail some of the main methods of finding your perfect commercial premises as well as their individual benefits and limitations…

Social Media/Apps

As the most recent platform to emerge, social media offers prospective purchasers a level of convenience and accessibility over many of the other (more traditional) methods mentioned in this article. This primarily due to the range of platforms available, including:

In addition, many Estate Agents and property focused platforms will have their own dedicated applications for smartphones and tablets – these tools allow you to short list buildings and save different search filters, amongst other useful features.

These are becoming increasingly popular platforms, with many users also enjoying the ease in which such applications can synchronise with their existing digital habits and research tools.

Furthermore, some of the technological advantages of these platforms also provide a more comprehensive picture of the premises. For instance, certain pages/applications will contain extensive images and sometimes even a virtual property tour that enables them to find the ideal workspace. Alerts can also be set for your saved searches, meaning you will be alerted to any new properties that fit your personal requirements.

Estate Agents

One of the more traditional methods of finding a property is via an Estate Agent. Many sellers that are putting their home on the Market will be registered with an Agency, so it is important that you also sign up with some.

There is no limit on the number of Estate Agents that you can register with, so it is a good idea to apply to multiple agencies. That way you are more likely to be called up for a viewing when a suitable commercial property becomes available.

In addition, the interaction that you have with the actual Agents can be highly beneficial. More specifically, the ability to discuss your personal circumstances and individual needs could mean that the viewings you are invited to will be tailored to your needs.

Printed Listings

Despite the popularity of Agents, not all sellers will choose to use this method of listing. Others may opt for a private process and instead utilise printed media to advertise their property. This includes:

  • Business Magazines 
  • Regional Newspapers
  • Property Magazines
  • Property Brochures
  • Estate Agent’s Offices

By using these platforms in addition to the others mentioned in this article, you will likely be aware of most of the commercial buildings that are on the market in the local area. Greatly increasing your chances of finding the perfect commercial premises.

Word of Mouth

It is also important not to disregard the benefits of your personal contacts. By speaking with friends, family, or work colleagues, you may be able to gain invaluable insights into local listings that you may not have otherwise been aware of.

It is always worth getting a second opinion on the listing and perhaps even when it comes to viewing the commercial property itself.

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