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A Career in Commercial Property – An Interview with our Director

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If you are considering a career as a commercial surveyor, or are simply unfamiliar with the profession, you may be wondering what kind of tasks are involved in the day-to-day lives of these property experts. As an independent party, a surveyor is tasked with providing unbiased and professional instructions on a broad range of property-related concerns. To assist with the details, we decided to speak with our Director here at Commercial Surveyors Direct.

How did you become a commercial surveyor?

My mother was founder and MD of an office refurbishment company in Manchester. I saw the work of the surveyors first hand and liked what I saw. When I left university I got a job as a Cadet Valuer at the Inland Revenue Valuation Office and the rest, as they say, is history.

What made you interested in commercial surveying as a career?

I did not want a desk bound job so surveying seemed the obvious choice. I was attracted to the commercial side as no one job is ever the same and you need to understand the concerns and interests of the people involved in any particular deal. It therefore combines imagination with the need for intellectual rigour.

What is involved during a typical day?

Driving to a property, meeting the vendor or applicant, inspecting the property and getting to know the background history by interviewing the vendor/applicant. The next day will be looking for comparables, chatting to agents, dictating and then refining the report.

What is rewarding about the job?

You need to know about how the physical environment fits together, both literally and economically. You can often find that you are asked to value something that is truly unique – that always provides a challenge.

What is challenging?

Seeing a property from the perspective of an unknown and often unidentifiable purchaser. Ever valued a bat roost?

What ways can a commercial surveyor develop their career?

They would generally start with a large firm that can provide the variety to allow them to pass their APC and get their letters. Then they could either choose to stay with a large, often multi-national firm, or pursue a specialism, often with a smaller firm.

What is something that not many people would know about commercial surveying?

I have the same qualifications as Tim Wonnacott who used to present Bargain Hunt.

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