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A Career in Commercial Property – An Interview with our Commercial Administrator

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If you are interested in commercial property, you may be wondering what kind of tasks are involved in the day-to-day lives of our expert members of staff. For this reason, we decided to speak with our Commercial Administrator here at CSD – Real Estate Appraisers.

What made you interested in CSD – Real Estate Appraisers

I sort of fell into the job, I needed to relocate to Chippenham to be near my daughter and grandson and this job came available at the right time. Although I had over 30 years of admin experience in a variety of roles (with the most recent being 7 years on frontline reception in a busy A&E department) I knew very little about surveying. However, after nearly 2 ½ years in the job I can say that I have learnt so much and continue to do so.

What is involved during a typical day?

A typical day starts with checking emails and updating spreadsheets, but then could involve anything from liaising with potential clients, inputting new jobs and creating invoices to downloading title deeds and typing dictations and anything in between.

What is rewarding about the job?

Being the sole admin in CSD – Real Estate Appraisers, I am responsible for all aspects of admin and enjoy the variety. Being closely involved in the job from start to finish – from the initial enquiry through to the final despatch of the completed report – it is very satisfying.

What is challenging about the job?

As commercial valuations are wide ranging from a small takeaway to a large Grade II listed hotel, and they are required for different reasons (from a simple purchase to a full business valuation for sale), the information required is wide ranging and the reports are quite individual. This therefore involves a lot of background work downloading information and also building the reports to suit the needs of the client. It is challenging but very interesting.

Can you tell us about your first week – did you feel welcomed?

My first week was quite overwhelming as I was introduced to so many people and there was so much information to take in, but I was made to feel very welcome by fellow employees at all levels (a lovely working atmosphere).

Could you tell us something about the job we may not know?

The commercial reports include information on a variety of issues – such as flooding, mining, radon, EPC ratings, business rates, CQC ratings etc. Part of my job involves finding and downloading the relevant information and inputting it into the report. I have also learnt that it’s a pity I didn’t do Latin at school as there are quite a few Latin phrases come up in the reports, such as sui generis and de minimise (I’ll leave you to google them).

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